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This study aims to join the recently emerging efforts to uncover these differences at the complete genome level and to study how they may influence the disease caused. Sixteen samples of thirteen patients with various HPV6-mediated benign mucosal disorders nine recurrent respiratory papillomatoses with recurrences, one condyloma acuminatum and three premalignant lesions of the genital mucosa were sampled to determine the complete virus genomes.

We collected the HPV6 complete genomes deposited in the GenBank for cluster analysis to determine sub lineages.

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Genome polymorphisms were determined against the reference sequences of the sub lineages. Genome polymorphisms of the long control region LCR were tested for putative transcription factor binding sites; their functional analysis was performed by transient transfection of cloned whole LCRs into HEp-2 cells using a luciferase reporter system.

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Genomes from the same patients were always identical. The three lineage A sequences were highly similar to each other, but distinct from the reference genome.

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Different HPV6 lineages showed marked differences in variability patterns of the different genome regions. This may be involved in the differences in their distribution in different diseases or patient populations.

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